ABAR at Home

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First Session is July, 23.

First Session is

July, 23.


Anti-racist Parenting: Raising Children to be Critically Conscious.

Confidence in conversations

Know when and how to engage in conversations about race and racism.

Family goals

Gain goals to support your family’s journey in working towards antiracism.

Child advocates

Help your children become confident in advocating for themselves and others.

Join Us

For a comprehensive four-part series

For a comprehensive four-part series

Recorded Sessions

Live sessions will be recorded and available for 6 months. If you miss the live sessions, you’ll be able to purchase, view, and access all the materials when it’s convenient for you.

Our Favs

You'll be provided guides, conversation tools, and highly recommended reading for your journey.


Gain a community of like-minded parents who are here to support you and your family as we take this journey together.

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Session 1:
Anti-bias at Home.

July, 23rd
8:30pm EST/ 7:30pm CST
Learn to create a home environment that will affirm your child, offer diverse experiences, identify bias, and advocate for change.

Session 1:
Anti-bias at Home.

July, 23rd
8:30pm EST/ 7:30pm CST
Learn to create a home environment that will affirm your child, offer diverse experiences, identify bias, and advocate for change.

Sessions: 2, 3 and 4.

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The ABAR at Home Team

Britt Hawthorne

If I am new to you, I’m Britt Hawthorne (she/her), I’m a nationally recognized anti-bias/antiracist teacher-educator. I partner with action-oriented educators, creating classroom environments that are inclusive and equitable for all learners. My work seeks to move justice from being an idea to the authentic culture. While teaching I turned to Instagram for solidarity and encouragement. 

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I truthfully shared the many ways I unintentionally perpetuated white supremacy culture inside my classroom, along with my favorite anti-biased materials, and how I select books for my classroom collection. My Instagram account became an act of courage. It focused on creating an online community centered around anti-racist teaching. This path of truth and justice became my work. With over 60K followers on Instagram, I’m working to build a coalition of anti-racist educators. 


On a more personal level, I’m a momma of two incredible children (we call them artists), I homeschool our youngest as an act of resistance against white supremacy. My partner and I are intentionally creating an anti-bias/anti-racist home that will affirm our children’s many identities, teach historical truths, challenge their pre-prejudice, and guide them to reaching their full potential. 


I invite you to join me on Patreon to learn more: www.patreon.com/britthawthorne


Rooting For You

Tiffany Jewell

Tiffany Jewell (she/her) is a Black biracial writer, twin sister, first-generation American, cisgender mama, anti-bias antiracist (ABAR) educator, and consultant. She is the author of the #1 New York Times and #1 Indie Best Seller, This Book Is Anti-Racist, a book for young folks [and everyone] to wake up, take action, and do the work of becoming antiracist. Tiffany is currently working on multiple book projects for readers of all ages.

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Tiffany has been working with children and families for over eighteen years and worked as a Montessori educator for fifteen years. She enjoys exploring social justice with young folks, especially the history of racism and resistance, economic justice, and socially and personally constructed identities. Tiffany enjoys working with educators and supporting them in building strong, authentic communities in which every child can be seen and valued. She strives to support educators and caregivers in their anti-bias anti-racist journies. 


Tiffany lives on the homeland of the Pocumtuc and the Nipmuck with her two young storytellers, husband, and a turtle she’s had since she was nine years old.  You can connect with Tiffany and engage in the work via Patreon and follow her on social media- @tiffanymjewell. For more information- anti-biasmontessori.com


How will I access the webinar?

After purchasing the webinar, use the webinar link to access the live webinars. You will receive an email confirmation and a reminder with the link as well. 

How long is the webinar?

The webinars are approximately 75 minutes long. 

How does a webinar work?

Webinars allow you to learn, as you would at an in-person event, with the added advantage of learning wherever. You can either log in at the designated time to join the live presentation or watch the recording at your convenience. Access the recording using the same link to register.

Is it recorded, and can I watch it again?

Of course! It’s another advantage of hosting a webinar. The recording is available using the same link you used to register. You will have access to the recording for six months. 

Will you have live captioning available?

Yes. We will use https://webcaptioner.com/captioner to caption the webinar which means you will have to open one additional window to see the real-time captions: one window for the live video and one for the captioning. The transcript will be available after the recording. 

I need a discount to access the webinars. Do you offer a scholarship?

Yes! Tiffany and Britt are offering 50 lower-cost slots for those who need it. There is no application or questions to answer. We trust you know what you need. Enter [ Needit ] during registration to receive 50% off. 

Will I be able to ask questions during the webinar?

Our final session will be a chance for you to have your questions answered. We will be compiling them as we go along. We will not be taking questions during the webinar to make sure we can cover everything planned. 

I’m curious, will other families of color be in attendance?

We are hoping. This space will be intentional in centering IBPoC and de-centering whiteness as a means to disrupt white privilege/immunity. If your family identifies as a family of the Global Majority, Indigenous, Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific-Islander, Latino, Hispanic, Latinx, and does not experience white privilege/passing feel empowered to access one of the 50 FREE spots to People of the Global Majority. There is no application or questions to answer. We trust you know what you need. Enter [ PoGM ] during registration to receive 100% off. 


Shoot us a note.